3D Book Elementor Addon – The Ultimate WordPress Plugin for Showcasing 3D Books

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The 3D Book Elementor Addon plugin introduces an engaging 3D Book widget to enhance your webpage. With this add-on, you can seamlessly integrate 3D Books into your site using the Elementor Page Builder, and effortlessly fine-tune widget settings within the Elementor interface. Creating a stunning 3D Book is as simple as providing your book cover.

Enjoy full control over various aspects, including:

  • Book format
  • Book cover
  • Book width
  • Autorotate
  • Autorotate speed
  • Zoom
  • Position control

Select from a range of book formats to suit your content, such as Fiction, Novella, Children’s books, Textbooks, Non-fiction, and Memoirs.

What sets this plugin apart is its efficient script and style loading mechanism, which only activates when necessary, ensuring a streamlined WordPress page size.

Rest assured, it remains compatible with the latest versions of Elementor and WordPress.

Please note: that this widget is designed exclusively for use with the Elementor Page Builder.