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    “We have been working with Vladimir for 2 years on a huge projects! He is very professional, fast and loyal! Thank you so much for your work!!!”

    Lidia Gudiasova,


    Permanent Makeup Artist and Trainer.

    “I have been working with Vladimir for more than three years. Our cooperation began when I lived in Belarus, now I live in the US. My website and all my printing is created by Vladimir. I know that I created websites for several of my colleagues from different countries, they were all satisfied. Thank you.”


    CO-ORGANIZER and judge of the WULOP USA 2021.
    Permanent Makeup Artist & Eyebrow Artist.

    “Vladimir was helping me to create a website for my organization and I am beyond satisfied with his services. Quick, reliable, professional and trustworthy person. Very easy and pleasant to work with. Any time I needed some changes to be made, there was no question asked in few hours all changes were applied. I would recommend Vladimir to my friends without a doubt.”

    Olga Rotchin

    CO-ORGANIZER WULOP Canada 2024.
    Permanent Makeup Artist and Trainer


    Our Works

    Case Snapshot: Elevating Salon Elegance Online with Enhanced Features

    Yelena Dale approached us with a common yet critical dilemma – her salon's website fell short of capturing the sophistication and quality of services her establishment offered. The existing design was perceived as lackluster and incongruent with the brand's style, presenting a disconnect between the digital representation and the luxurious experience her salon promised.

    In response, we undertook a comprehensive redesign strategy, working closely with Yelena to understand her vision.

    The implementation included:

    • Dynamic Before & After Slider
    • Booking system
    • Visually engaging gallery showcased the salon's work
    • Strategically placed testimonials added credibility and trustworthiness

    The result was a transformed website that not only addressed the initial aesthetic concerns but elevated the entire online experience, offering a comprehensive showcase of Yelena Dale's salon excellence. This case reflects our commitment to crafting digital solutions enriched with features that authentically represent the essence of each client's brand.

    Case Snapshot: Transforming Alex Mayil's PMU Academy and Beyond

    Alex Mayil sought our expertise to address a critical issue – the lack of a compelling online presence for her PMU Academy. We responded by developing a dedicated academy website, underlining on course accreditation and creating an intuitive system for seat purchases. The result was an efficient and user-friendly platform that seamlessly represented the academy's commitment to excellence in PMU education.

    Building on this success, Alex approached us with a new vision – launching an online store for her exclusive line of PMU pigments. Leveraging our existing collaboration, we seamlessly integrated an e-commerce platform into the academy's framework. The new store not only showcased Alex's premium pigments but also provided a streamlined and visually appealing platform for professionals and enthusiasts to purchase her products.

    This case highlights our ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions, from enhancing educational platforms to seamlessly venturing into e-commerce, all tailored to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

    Case Snapshot: Revamping Oliblush's E-Commerce Presence

    Olga Rotchin, founder of Oliblush, sought our expertise to address the challenges of working with Shopify for PMU pigment and microblending product sales.

    In response, we seamlessly transitioned Oliblush to WooCommerce, creating a customized online store that not only resolved convenience issues but also embodied the unique style of the Oliblush brand. We integrated secure payment systems, Stripe and Squire, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy checkout process.

    The relocation of products and optimization of images further enhanced the store's appeal, providing Oliblush customers with a visually attractive and streamlined online shopping experience.

    This case showcases our ability to tailor e-commerce solutions, not only overcoming platform inconveniences but also enriching the brand's visual identity, ultimately elevating the overall online shopping journey for businesses like Oliblush.

    Case Snapshot: Elevating WULOP USA's Prestigious Image Online

    Lidia Gudyasova, the organizer of WULOP USA, entrusted us with the challenge of establishing a compelling online presence for the renowned annual PMU competition.

    We crafted a website that not only mirrored the unique vision and style of WULOP USA but also integrated a seamless ticketing system for participants and non-stop speakers.

    Going beyond the initial development, our team took charge of continuous maintenance, updates, and implemented strategic marketing improvements, contributing to the ongoing success and financial performance of the competition.

    This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions, ensuring not only the creation of a dynamic online platform but also providing continuous support and enhancements to elevate the overall success and visibility of prestigious events like WULOP USA.

    Case Snapshot: Elevating Elsa Orlova's Permanent Makeup Empire Online

    Elsa Orlova, a distinguished permanent makeup specialist, entrusted us with the task of crafting a website that seamlessly blended her service offerings with educational initiatives.

    The website we designed not only showcased Elsa's artistic prowess in permanent makeup but also featured dedicated sections for educational resources and easy enrollment in her Master classes. With user-friendly navigation and integrated contact forms, the site not only served as a visual portfolio for her services but also streamlined the process for clients to access educational materials and enroll in enriching Master classes.

    This case illustrates our commitment to delivering tailored online solutions that go beyond showcasing services, catering to the diverse needs of professionals like Elsa Orlova, who seek to seamlessly integrate their service offerings with educational components on a single, cohesive platform.

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      Professional Photo Retouching Services for Your Website is Included.

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      Artful Photo Enhancement to Showcase Your Business Online.

      Architecting Success

      Meticulously Crafting Thoughtful Structures Tailored to the PMU Niche.

      Steps of Work

      Steps of Project Implementation

      Discovery: Unveil Your Vision

      In our initial collaboration, we delve into a comprehensive discovery session. Here, we uncover your unique artistic style, brand identity, and business objectives. Understanding your vision is the cornerstone for crafting a website that truly reflects your personality and appeals to your target audience.

      Design Concept: Bring Ideas to Life

      Following the discovery, we present tailored design concepts that capture the essence of your PMU artistry. Through an interactive session, we refine concepts based on your feedback, ensuring the design aligns seamlessly with your brand narrative. This collaborative approach ensures that the final design not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

      Development & Collaboration: Transform Vision Into Reality

      Once the design is approved, our development team collaborates closely with you. We provide regular updates and seek your input to ensure the website not only meets but exceeds your expectations.  Post-launch, we offer support and guidance to guarantee your PMU website continues to shine, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

      Reflects Your Skills

      We will help in creating a professional and visually appealing website that accurately reflects your skills and attracts clients.

      Focus on Your Artistry

      You can focus more on your artistry and less on the intricacies of web development and UI\UX Design.

      Eliminate the Stress

      We will help eliminate the stress and uncertainty associated with managing the online aspects of PMU business.

      It's Not Just a Site, We Shape Your Digital Persona, Unleashing Your PMU Grand Mastery Online

      Thoughtful Structure

      The site structure is designed based on niche analysis and feedback from leading PMU craftsmen, so the site shows high % of conversions and presents you as a craftsman who pays attention to details.

      Spectacular Visuals & Presentation

      We make photo retouching of your work and quality visuals that maximize your visibility and create an attractive online image of you as an expert in PMU and Microblading.

      Integration Into a DIGITAL Business.

      We will integrate your business into a modern digital business: connect your booking system, set up e-commerce to sell PMU products and tickets to your workshops and courses.


      You'll get all the pages and features you need: About Section, Our Services, Testimonials, Videos, Social Media Integration, Drag & Drop Interface, Optimized for Any Device, Contact and Address. Before & After slider, Landing page for master-class and Academy, etc.

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      We offer custom web development services using CMS WordPress tailored to your requirements



      E-Commerce website design
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      We offer custom web development services using CMS WordPress tailored to your requirements




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