LavBoost – All in One Sales Increasing Tool

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For customers who need to set up popular and effective tools to increase sales for simple products in the WooCommerce store in a few clicks.

Benefits of LavBoost – All in One Sales Increasing Tool:

  1. Boosted Sales and Profits: LavBoost is your trusted ally in the quest for increased sales. Its strategic upselling and cross-selling capabilities elevate your average order value (AOV), directly impacting your profits.
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: LavBoost doesn’t just increase sales; it enhances the entire shopping experience for your customers. From intelligently suggesting related products to creating a sense of urgency with sales count and social proof, your customers will be more engaged and more likely to complete their purchase.
  3. Streamlined Marketing Efforts: Small business owners often wear many hats, and LavBoost understands that. Our plugin simplifies your marketing efforts, automating product recommendations, customizing email messages, and even simplifying checkout promotions. Spend less time on marketing and more time focusing on your business.

Key Features of LavBoost – All in One Sales Increasing Tool:

  • Related Products on Single Product Page: Strategically display related products on the single product page, encouraging customers to explore more.
  • WooCommerce Free Gift: Offer special gift products to entice customers and increase their order value.
  • Recent Sales Notification for WooCommerce(Social Proof PopUp): Powerful tool that leverages the concept of social proof to boost your e-commerce sales. This feature showcases real-time notifications to your website visitors, highlighting the actions of other customers, such as recent purchases. By displaying this dynamic and engaging content, you can create a sense of urgency and trust, encouraging potential buyers to take action.
  • Viewing & Sales: Boost credibility by displaying viewing and sales counters, creating a sense of urgency.
  • Upsell & Cross sell Accessories Products: Suggest complementary accessories to upsell or cross sell  with the main product.
  • WooCommerce Bundle (Product Combo): Create bundled product offers to increase sales and provide value to your customers.
  • Upsell & Cross sell Related Products on Cart Page: Keep customers engaged during the checkout process with related product suggestions.
  • Related Products on PopUp (WooCommerce Upsells & Cross-sells PopUp): Encourage additional purchases with PopUp displays of related products after click Add to cart button(WooCommerce Added to Cart PopUp).
  • Related Products on Order: Include related product suggestions within the order details for post-purchase upselling. Feature empowers your e-commerce store with valuable insights into customer behavior. It tracks and records user search queries, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of what products your customers are actively looking for.
  • Related Products on Email: Customize email messages with related product recommendations to drive repeat business. Additionally, it associates these search queries with specific orders, enabling you to determine which products were sought after most frequently before a purchase.
  • Related Products on Thank you Page: Capture additional sales on the thank-you page with enticing product suggestions.
  • New Order Email Custom Message: Craft personalized messages in new order emails to foster customer loyalty.
  • WooCommerce Donation & tip on Checkout: Allow customers to make donations during the checkout process, demonstrating your commitment to social causes.
  • WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar(progress to get Free Shipping): Provide customers with the convenience of generating shipping labels directly from your store.
  • WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Promo Product(Order Bump): Increase sales with promo product offers during the checkout process. It is a strategic feature within LavBoost that focuses on making the most of the critical moment when customers are about to finalize their purchase. It allows businesses to display targeted promotions, discounts, or upsell offers right on the checkout page.
  • Services Products: Offer services as products, expanding your revenue streams. It allows you to seamlessly integrate service offerings into your e-commerce store and offer customers a convenient way to purchase services in addition to goods.
  • Elementor Flash Sale Slider Addon: Integrate seamlessly with Elementor and create engaging flash sale sliders.
  • Quantity Discount: Incentivize bulk purchases with quantity-based discounts.
  • User Search Queries and Viewed Products: Empower shop admins with insights into user search queries and viewed products in new order details, allowing for more informed decision-making and personalized customer interactions.

Incorporating LavBoost into your small business is your gateway to an array of benefits, from increased sales and enhanced customer engagement to streamlined marketing efforts and valuable user insights. Let LavBoost work its magic, while you focus on what you do best—running a successful small business.

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